Organizing mental health educational events is a primary purpose of Mental Health Connect of Missouri (MHCMO). We believe so strongly in the importance of education that this is also one of our core values. Our volunteers are expected to continue learning and growing in knowledge of mental health events and trends so we can more affectively share them with you. We offer three types of educational activities. 


Our educational symposiums feature guest speakers, mental health information, and a Q&A session. In addition, mental health organizations will have free resources and information available. Some of our symposiums have included breakout sessions.

Symposiums are typically scheduled from 9-noon on a Saturday. However, this day and time can be adjusted as needed for customized events. Topics have included an overview of mental health and suicide prevention.

Churches, schools, civic organizations, or other groups can host a symposium. Contact us to discuss your preferred topic and a description of the audience. 

Customized Presentations and Training

We can prepare presentations to meet your needs. Organizations, churches, social clubs, or other groups will benefit from this service. Topics may include the following: encouraging a depressed friend; hope, transformation, and victory; living with mental illness; or wellness tools.

Additionally, we can plan interactive training events for organizational leadership, care pastors, or support group leaders on requested topics. These can include how to start a support group, how to relate to an individual with a mental health condition, developing a wellness action plan, etc.


Workshops are typically shorter events on a specific topic led by the MHCMO executive director, mental health professional, or volunteer. This is an opportunity to learn about mental health in an informal environment. Workshops may include practicing tools, learning from each other, and reviewing handouts. One important workshop we’ve led was on Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD.

Please contact us to learn more about these programs.