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Our podcast, Mental Health and Faith: A Closer Look, covers a wide variety of mental health topics. We believe a healthy spiritual life can greatly improve our well-being. Most of our podcasts include a faith perspective, while others focus exclusively on mental health. Click here to listen.


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Executive director Caroline Cooper is an award-winning author. She has published several books pertaining to mental illness. Her books can be ordered on Amazon. Click here.

Caroline’s books on mental illness include the following:

  • In This Corner: Battling Depression from Inside the Ring
    • A workbook for understanding and confronting depression or other mental illnesses
    • Appendices include: sample lesson outlines for teachers; how to pray; therapeutic tools for recovery
  • Essays on Mental Illness: Real People, Real Life, Real Hope
    • Compilation of real-life stories of living with a mental illness and hope for healing
    • Information on available resources