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Mission, Vision, and Values

We rely on our mission, vision, and values to form a foundation for the organization.


Caroline S. Cooper, founder and executive director, first felt a call to mental health ministry in 2005. As a result of her personal experience with mental illness and trauma, she began a 10+-year journey to establish a nonprofit focused on mental health and faith. In April 2018, the organization received  501(c)(3) nonprofit designation. Their first event was held at the end of that month.

In 2020, the nonprofit changed its name to Mental Health Connect of Missouri to better capture the purpose of the organization. 

Statement of Faith

We are a faith-based organization. Our statement of faith is grounded in the truth contained in the Holy Bible.

Mental Health Connect Team

Passionate and discerning individuals serve on the board of directors to uphold the mission, vision, and values of the organization. They provide invaluable support and encouragement to the executive director.

Why We Are Needed

Although stigma of mental illness has lessened over the years, the need for education and encouragement provides motivation for the nonprofit to accomplish its work.