Many wonderful organizations exist that are dedicated to mental health support and education. Resources are available on a variety of topics. (See our Resources page) So, why are we needed? How do our programs and services complement the work of other organizations? What makes Mental Health Connect of Missouri unique?

We are a peer-led organization

This not-for-profit was started by two women with diagnosed mental illnesses. They understand the challenges faced by their peers as well as their families and friends. Caroline Cooper, executive director, became a certified peer specialist (CPS) in the state of Missouri in 2016. Jane Alexander, mental health coordinator, has a gift of encouraging others who are facing the same challenges she has overcome. Both women are living joy-filled and productive lives. And so can you.

We connect with other mental health organizations

We are committed to learning from and collaborating with other mental health organizations. When we come together as a community for the common goal of mental well-being, we can accomplish great things.

We offer resources for a global impact

Our website, Facebook page, Facebook interactive group, podcast, blog, and E-Newsletter (subscribe in sidebar) are available for anyone around the world. We want to make a difference in the fight against stigma of mental illness and invite you to share our resources with your families, friends, and social media contacts.

All are welcome

Our programs and services are designed for anyone interested in learning about mental health. We do not discriminate! We welcome board members, audiences, and volunteers of all races, colors, religions, sexual orientation, etc., to participate in our activities.

We are a faith-based nonprofit

We believe in a holistic approach to healing and recovery that includes mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Our core values are based on Christian principles that guide our activities to support our mission. These values are compassion, authenticity, education, faith, and advocacy. Read more about these values and on our About page.

Why are we needed?

At Mental Health Connect of Missouri, we believe people are reached in a variety of ways. We hope to offer educational events, information, and support activities in ways that meet unique needs. We care deeply about our community and desire to be an invaluable resource that makes important contributions to mental wellness.