What We Offer

Who will benefit from our programs?

  • Individuals, churches, organizations, and businesses will benefit from our programs and resources.
  • People diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Family members and friends of a loved one receiving treatment for their mental disorder
  • Churches, schools, corporations,  social clubs
  • Mental health professionals and peers
  • Society in general will benefit by learning more about mental health to reduce stigma related to mental illness.

Mental Health: A Closer Look


  • A forum with speakers, free resources, and a Q&A panel
  • A podcast on mental health and faith (tentative roll-out-Feb 2019)

Mental Health Connect Resources


  • Handouts and books related to mental health

Mental Health Connections


  • A weekly mental health support group to serve people personally affected by mental illness
  • Future plans: Networking and fellowship opportunities for mental health professionals, care pastors, and others (future program)

Presentations and Training